Through cannabis users and growers, police officers, economists, scientists, doctors, politicians and culture icons, we examine the cause and effect nature of the cannabis business - an industry whose fierce profits are driven up by its illegal status.


But is cannabis the deadly drug menace that the government claims it is? Are billion dollar budgets to prohibit it justified? Globally, 7 million people die each year from tobacco-related diseases, 5 million from alcohol, a quarter million from pharmaceuticals, all legal drugs… and zero die from cannabis.

Has the prohibition stopped people from using cannabis? NZ has the world’s highest rates of cannabis use, followed closely by the US – cannabizness is booming! What’s the number one cash crop in Northland province? Marijuana. What’s the number one cash crop in the United States? Illegal pot harvests are worth more than corn and wheat… combined!

Meanwhile the uses of cannabis as fuel, fibre, building material, paper, food and medicine, plus its fifty thousand industrial applications also remain forbidden by law, driving up the ecocidal profits of oil, chemical, cotton and forestry corporations.

Who else is profiting from the illegality of cannabis? Big Pharma, Alcohol & Tobacco - the legal drug industries. Isn’t it curious that alcohol & tobacco kill 100 times as many people as all illicit drugs combined?


DRUGLAWED delivers the blunt truth about cannabis prohibition...



DRUGLAWED is the explosive documentary exposing how New Zealand has been co-opted by the US into fighting the failed War On Drugs.

Filmed in six countries over four years, this is the documentary that finally clears the smoke around the international prohibition of cannabis.


Over the last 100 years the US government has forced its disastrous drug policies on almost every country on earth. 40 years since Richard Nixon declared the War On Drugs in 1972, 22 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana. Only one country in the world has higher arrest and conviction rates: New Zealand.


DRUGLAWED examines how New Zealand fell in lockstep with US policies, and shows how smaller countries can break out.






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